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Right now, it's Autumn

Welcome to the Future for Warriors-like you! If you're entirely new to Webs, click on the Register button on the upper-left corner in the members area. if you're not,well  just sign in and start role playing! I recommend you to read the rules first though, as if any of those are broken, you will have to face some warnings from the staff, and might even end up being banned.. 

So skipping the rules and such, this is a place born somewhere in  August in 2015, and with the year 2016 now, we'll be all a year older, or already are, and might unfortunately have less time for virtual role-playing, having to deal with complicated real life, more homework, tougher exams, much more responsibility.. 

But anyways, this site's not here to educate you about how tough life is and stuff, so let's get going about the Future For Warriors. 

Check the News every now and then, cause we update it regularly. If you want to advertise, ask the staff before for permission.

Here, there are different rankings than of most warrior cats sites you've probably visited, [Unless you've seen this and copied], with 2 more additional ranks; Sprouts and Aides. To find out more bout them, go check out the news in the After-Clans

If you've got questions, we're here to answer them.

Have fun peeps!