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Warrior Code (Rules)

You'll get five warnings if you've done something against the rules, then one of my staff members will kick you out, and after that you might be banned. So if i were you, i'd follow the rules and play safe.

1. No spamming, if done on purpose, you will be banned. 

2. A kit must be 2 weeks old (real) to become an apprentice.

3. An apprentice must be a month old (real) to become a warrior.

4. No power playing.

5. Respect others, or else you'll lose my respect.

6. Everyone must attend the Gatherings, as you might miss something out.

7. If you're not active for 2 months, you'll be a limited member. Same goes for the staff, if you're not here once every 2 months, you'll lose your position.

8. If you're a leader, you must lose a life every 2 months, and if you don't obey these rules, you'll be stripped off of your position.

9. The maximum amount of characters you may have is 10, if more than that, you'll be asked to remove some of your cats.

7. Each member can only have two high ranked cats at a time, to let others have a chance. [Not of the same rank]

8. If you have an apprentice in need of a mentor, or a cat in need of a family, pm others and I'm sure you'll have what you want.